Henry David Thoreau once said, “Not until we are lost, do we begin to understand ourselves.”  Today in the complex world we live in, it can be difficult to find the “Lost and Found” department for people.
There are many ways you can find yourself lost. Too many problems and failures in the rear-view mirror of life, loss of love, no one to reach out to, being stuck in a remote place, shoved aside by society and loosing the strength to risk. All these and many more can leave you frozen in time, unable to take advantage of opportunities or new relationships, even if they pass by you everyday.
The world is a dynamic and wonderful place. Most of us recover from being lost. We gain a new spirituality, find internal peace with what has passed, meet a special person, rediscover our dreams or finally risk finding that new opportunity. The time lost gives us space we need to gather our resources and venture again.
For some, it’s a much longer journey than others. They find only darkness in the world. Even for these people, there are glimmers of hope that happen, support for recovery and help in returning to a path of hope.
Life does run a lost and found department!Its all around us, lit with bright signs, open 24 hours and can be found in almost any direction by taking a few small steps back to ourselves. All this said, I remain sensitive to those who are lost and joyful for those ready to venture again.

David Young
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