Painting has never been easy for me. So many different techniques, skills, colors and materials. This is not to mention the subject of what to paint in the first place or the style of you want to pursue.
Still with all these things said, I love it when I have brush in hand and paint on a canvas. It completely absorbs me. The rest of the world is shut off for a while as colors blend and images emerge. I have painted now for several years. No real masterpieces have emerged, but the efforts have brought many rewards of satisfaction.
So many things in life don’t yield a finished product or results. So much in the world seems to hold such a high standard. You ask yourself why even try and do something? The work you do, the art you try and your accomplishments stand against all that. Results good and not so good, but always something you can hold in your hands and say I did it. Reason enough to clean you brushes and try again.
As with all endeavors, it’s good to pause once in a while and take stock of what you have accomplished. Even it those accomplishments are small. So I present you a Book of Paintings.
David Young      Studio Four Magazine
“The Painter will produce pictures of little merit if he takes the work of others as his standard.” - Leonardo da Vinci
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