Pended Street Boy - Vancouver Pale District
Artful Rips are photos of part of or changes in graffiti or poster that become art themselves. One of Ansel Adams famous photographs, among the few that were not about nature, is “Graffiti, Abandoned Military Installation.” The featured scene was a piece of graffiti on a concrete wall. In his book “The Making of 40 Photographs,” Adams shares what inspired him to make the photo: “The entire wall appeared as a hodgepodge of shapes and values. Some contemporary primitive had left his or her mark with daubs and constructions in paint that had taken on a patina that commanded my eye. Sometime, somehow, some person brought paint to this remote area and created a freely circular shape, with some broad strokes added smaller shapes around it. For what purpose, for what expressive pleasure or intent was this effort made? Such questions may remain forever unanswered.” The artist or artists who recreated the graffiti remained unknown to Adams. He did not care, it was the image that was important, one that was enhanced by the patina of time.
As you wander through the city, you see so many examples of what Adams was talking about. As soon as a poster goes up or a graffiti mark is made, it begins to change. Other marks are added, another poster pasted over the top, rain dampens and runs the ink or paint and scrapes happen. You are always faced with the dilemma of taking a photo or not. The image pulls your attention and the colors excite, but are you stealing someone else art? 
I have thought about this a lot but concluded, much as Adams did, that new art has been created by time and happenings. Just as you look at a scene in nature, it will not be the same tomorrow or next year. Yielding over and over again, new beauty and interest to enjoy and capture.
David Young
Tiger Eyes - LA Arts District
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Army of One - San Francisco 
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