Painting is a challenging and complex art. There are so many things to consider. Subject matter, technique, perspective, style, materials, color theory and a hundred other things dance in you head. Yet, sometimes it all comes together. Magic happens and a pleasing work comes to life. Maybe not a Picasso, but one that reflects the best of your efforts.
When I look back over my paintings, these occasional wins stand out. They make you pause. What inspired my work then? How did I find the colors that worked so well? What brush strokes did I use? It is a mystery that haunts you.
My chef friends tell me the same thing happens to them. Even on there signature dishes. One rendition stands out. It is one of the marvelous things that still happens in this branded world of sameness. There can still be inspiration, a masterpiece, a star performance. Business experiences are much the same, inspired moments.
Maybe we are never meant to understand all the reasons why this special art happens. Maybe it is just a reason to celebrate our humanism and that it survives in todays world. Reason enough to be happy about life. Reason enough to keep striving…
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