“Speak softly, but carry a big can of paint.”   Banksy
Who is the greatest Graffiti artist, BANKSY, LADY PINK, or DONDI? Maybe it is the building owner who comes along afterwards to cover the graffiti. They not only restore visual peace to the wall, but also create accidental art in the process. The technique used is called “Paint-outs.” It is Graffiti’s Final Act.
Graffiti is controversial. It grabs your attention and often evokes strong reaction. You love it or hate it. Is it art, a call for social change, protest, vandalism, marking of gang territory, or just a sign of urban decay? Often it is all of these, one painted over the other by unknown hands. 
Much has been written about graffiti. Styles of graffiti include Tags (the name of the artist), Throwups (quickly done in two or three colors), Piece (large complex work), Angels (work of deceased well known street artists), King/Queen (especially well respected artists), Married Couple (two adjoining apparatus units in one graffiti), Heaven Spot (dare devil pieces in hard to reach places), and Back to Back (painted all across a wall).
After all this is done, along comes the building owner, armed with an array of tools. Special paint called “Rescene Tag” is often used. It comes in a range of opaque colors. After the ongoing battle with graffiti is done and several coasts and colors applied, the result are Paint-Outs. Solid blocks of color covering the graffiti, forming different patterns, and taking on some of the color from the graffiti.
Paint-Outs become their own art work. Created by chance and accident by the building owner. Becoming the last act in the graffiti play. Bringing back a calm harmony to the City. A quieting of words.
David Young

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