Thoughts wash over you,
Like incoming waves,
Only to go out.
Just beyond the grasp.

Like a blank wall with
Marks left, You seek
To bring it all together.

Fighting back the frustration,
Waiting for shells to be
Left on the beach.
Ones you can reach for.

A city on the hill,
Most people called it a town.
It still glittered,
But the gold was gone.

People still live out their lives.
School chums, family, work.
Day after day, their dreams
A paycheck away.

Not much changed,
A hope here and there,
Most gone away.

Always the sound
Of distant trains
That could take you
A paycheck away.
Words sharp as
The crash of falling bricks
Against the soft day of you.

Gone once said, only the
Debris of what's done.

How I could have stopped,
Paused, held back the
Pounding of the day.

The brick damage not me.
I am more gentle than that.

Please grace me with pause.
The world hurts enough
Let me not be the hurter.
Jay waited for the next ride, the constant beat of the city in the background soaking up the time, like a drummer in a band. He didn't like quiet times, his thoughts often drifted back to the dark places in his life. Missteps, miss deeds and worse. How they had hurt others and himself.
Thoughts that always got through in reflective times. Somehow givingĀ a crazy deafness to the better parts of his life, achievements and all.
He tried to quiet these hauntings, hoping they would go away. They only became less dark, a graying if you will, but never going completely away. Overtime he understood this was the best you could hope for, that the real test of life being if you learned.
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